Halloween Fun

This is the first year Zane was aware of/excited for Halloween which has been a lot of fun.  He decided early on that he wanted to be Captain Kirk (thanks to Sean showing him the Kirk Battles Gorn episode of Star Trek).  He also decided that Owen should be Gorn.  So, despite my reservations about people thinking we are “Trekies”, we got a Captain Kirk costume for Zane and a Gorn (lizard) costume for Owen.   They did make a cute pair.

With costumes chosen, it was time to put them to good use.  The weekend before Halloween we did some early trick or treating with cousins Stevie & Tangerine in West Seattle.  On Halloween night we had a wonderful birthday dinner prepared by Kathy followed by some trick or treating in the neighborhood.  Sean, Zane, Janine, Paul & Katie took to the streets and came back with lots of treats for Zane.  Kathy, Owen & I manned the candy bowl at home and got to see lots of cute & scary costumes.

Below are some photos of our Halloween adventures including our trip to the pumpkin patch & pumpkin carving done before Halloween.


Maritime Fest

Last year Sean & I stumbled upon Tacoma’s Maritime Fest just as it was wrapping up and vowed to check it out next year.  This year’s Maritime Fest was the last weekend in August and we took advantage of all the free activities.  I did my research and found out that the festivities included free train rides courtesy of Tacoma Rail and free boat tours courtesy of the Port of Tacoma.  We did both.

The train ride was pretty cool, but the boat tour was hands down our favorite activity.  On the boat tour, we got a waterside view of the busy Port of Tacoma and got to check out the great views of downtown and the waterfront from Commencement Bay.   After the boat tour, we meet up with Paul & Katie and walked around the festival.  Zane got to catch a fish in the Long Shoreman’s fish tank and play pirate games.   We had a lot of fun, and will be sure to do the boat tour again next year.  Below are some photos from that weekend:


Visiting with Zureks

My Brother Jon and his family were in town last week and for part of this week for my niece Janine’s graduation from Western Washington University.  On Monday they came to Tacoma along with Suzi, Stevie & Tangerine to spend some more time with us.  Zane, Owen & I meet up with them at NW Trek and had a lot of fun checking out all the animals with them.  Unfortunately Owen & I had leave early for his 2 month check-up and we missed out on the tram ride.  Suzi was nice enough to watch Zane so that he could do the tram ride & spend some more time with his cousins.

That evening, everyone came over to our house for dinner.  We had burgers and some homemade ice cream Paul & Katie made.  It was really nice to see everyone and we were sad when we had to say goodbye to Jon, Patty & Patrice.  I hope we get a chance to see them again soon.  Below are some photos from their visit with us on Monday.


Owen by the Numbers

My sister Rose came to visit from Texas just before Owen turned 1 month old and encouraged me to take photos of Owen on his monthly “birthdays”.  She told me about some stickers you could buy to put on his onesies that say how old he is.  I didn’t get the stickers but I have been taking monthly photos with construction paper numbers.  Owen is now 2 months old so I have 2 photos.  I must say even with just two photos, it’s cool to look at them side by side and see how much he’s grown.  Below are the 1 & 2 photos.

Now for a quick summary on what he’s up to at 2 months.  He his check up on Monday and weighed in at an impressive 13 lbs 5 oz.  That’s almost a full pound heavier than Zane was at his age and puts him in the 75th to 90th percentile for weight.  His height is 23 1/2″, which puts him in the 50th to 75th percentile for height.  He’s a big guy like his brother but his head is much smaller (still measuring 50th percentile).  He has slept 6 hours straight for the past two nights which has made for a much happier & well rested Mama.  His current skills include smiling, cooing, tracking objects that move past him, holding his head up and pushing up while doing tummy time.  Hard to believe how fast he’s growing.


Sean’s Birthday

We had a busy day with lots of visitors for Sean’s Birthday this year.  Sean took the day off work and we spent the afternoon with my brother & sister-in-law Jon & Patty who were in town visiting from Michigan and my niece & nephew Stevie & Tangerine.  We had lunch together and went to a spray ground (Stevie & Tangerine’s suggestion).  We had a great time, even with the toothpick incident.  🙂

Sean’s parents came to visit from Clarkston and threw Sean an birthday party that evening.  Sean’s Uncle Paul & Aunt MaryBeth came over to share in the festivities and we had some delicious chocolate cake & ice cream.  Zane was a big fan of the sweets and could hardly wait for Dad to open his presents. Owen slept through most of the party but did take a little time to visit with grandma and MaryBeth.



Sean & Zane with all the presents

All New Blog

After much deliberation, we decided to create a new blog through wordpress.  This was not our first choice but Apple decided to stop their web hosting through MobileMe and we’re not smart enough to figure out how to link our old iWeb blog to a new provider.  So, we are trying out wordpress and ask that you excuse our formatting / use of wordpress until we learn this new program.  We will try to post regularly so that you can follow all our adventures and watch Zane & Owen grow.

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